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Here is A little bit about waterfall beaded row and why I decided to pursue the path of getting Advanced Certified to offer this amazing method of hair extensions... 


I had been curious about hair extensions for a long time. However there are so many different methods out there, some that use glue or heat or other sew in methods and many of them I had never heard good things about whether they damaged your natural hair, causing hair tangling matting or tension sores on your scalp. 


You might hear a lot of people talking about hand tied weft extensions or "sew in extensions". I did a lot of research to discover one of the best brands and I can say one thing I absolutely LOVE the most is that waterfall beaded row believes in TRUST vs trend. This method was created with intent and purpose to give each person a safe and secure application every single time. There is no glue, tape, or adhesive used. This beaded row foundation is completely safe and is the most seamless customizable foundation that supports and works with every texture and density. 


I would never invest or offer something that I was not passionate about or didn't believe in and I can say without a doubt whether you are looking to add length, fullness or both, with WBR your dream hair goals are absolutely able to be achieved and customized WITHOUT damaging your natural hair. 


The brand of hair used in the installation is Bellami. Which is the best of the best. This brand is the most recognized brand in the world for having the highest quality of cuticle aligned remy hair. Meaning this is top quality real human hair so anything you are able to do to your own hair, you can do with extensions. 


I personally wear the WBR extensions and the amount of things that you are able to do, whether it be high ponys, top knots, braids, curls that last for days are endless!


Each install is customized per person depending on hair goals so prices will vary depending on how much length and thickness is desired. 

•If you are interested in getting started, the first step is submitting a client application and from there, a consultation in the salon is required.

•Before securing an appointment date 50% of cost is due upon booking. 

•After an initial install appointment, maintenance appointments will be required every 6 to 8 weeks to ensure your hair stays healthy and the foundation remains safe.

Thank you guys so much for choosing Me, believing in me, and trusting me to make all your hair dreams Come true. I absolutely am looking forward to this journey and being able to give you guys an even better experience in the salon by doing this and customizing amazing results for you.

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